Intelligent Pipeline Integrity Monitoring System – iPIM

The iPIM is a pipeline monitoring system comprised of a moving robotic mechanism and a permanently installed network of sensors that will continuously monitor the pipeline for cracks, corrosion and other faults and send the information over a wireless communication system to the network monitoring centre where the fault will be displayed over a 3D map of the pipeline. The sensors are installed onto the permanent structure either on new pipelines or can be retrofitted to old ones at areas of interest.  It will accurately locate, measure and monitor corrosion and cracks over long distances at critical control points and with sufficient sensitivity and resolution to catch and monitor defects before critical fault can occur. The system is based around low power, self-energised long range and wireless sensor nodes, which harvest energy from various sources to suit local environmental conditions.

This installed system accumulates pipeline structural health data over time. When it identifies a threshold of potential threat/s to the structure it will signal the need for an inspection of particular areas. In that event, the robotic mechanism [or PIG-Pipeline Inspection Gauge, as it is commonly referred to as PIG in the industry] is deployed.


Ultrasonic Guided Waves (UGW) velocity varies significantly with frequency and is dispersive in nature. For a given frequency, the UGWs can propagate in several different modes. Low frequency waves, where the ultrasonic wavelength is much greater than the sample’s characteristic dimensions, usually give the simplest and most useful wave modes. LRU systems have advantages over conventional ultrasonics and the other methods due to their potential for rapid and low cost 100% volume coverage

Dual Sensors

A new low profile wireless sensor will be developed which will incorporate both Acoustic Emission (passive) and Ultrasonic (active) operational capability. The dual sensors will be permanently attached in the pipeline that will continuously monitor the pipe for faults and send the information to the network monitoring centre. The sensors will act in passive AE mode in normal operation and on detection of an anomaly will switch to LRU mode to locate and determine the characteristics of the anomaly.

Fault over Time

With iPIM you will be able to monitor the progression of cracks over time. The fault will be localised and displayed on the 3D map with exact distance from a reference point. The change happening to the fault over time will also be displayed on the 3D map. The operator will be able to locate the fault, its change over time and its distance from the network monitoring centre or any other reference point.


A 95% Probability of Detection (POD) rate for corrosion-related defects at <5% cross-sectional area (CSA) loss is anticipated over a 50m range either side of the transducer collar, with crack detection at or less than 1% of CSA contingent on the accumulation of baseline information for comparison purposes. Theoretically, a permanently installed system should be able to achieve a detection performance of <1% CSA loss.

DRAXIS (Project Coordinator)

Draxis Environmental Technologies S.A. provides consulting, solution development, implementation and management of Environmental Technologies. DRAXIS can help local authorities or private organizations in Environmental Management, improvement of natural resource use and effective integration of environmental management issues into the decision making process. Through the combined use of Geographic Information System technologies, research in many aspects of mobile robotic autonomy, Environmental know-how and Environmental Remote Sensing and Database Software Products, their clients can achieve substantial improvements in Environmental performance.


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